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Master Class

Master Class, another world class training brand under our SMI Asia flagship, offers General Management Programmes related to Leadership, Teambuilding, Communication, Business Writing skills and many more. Our aim is to create a breed of competent 'thinking' staffs with contemporary management skills and ultimately making them future managers!

Master Class Training Technology cultivates a conscious approach in developing employees to Make a Difference in everthing that they do. With training intensity and dynamic skill development, we focus employees towards achieving company vision and competitive advantage.

Master Class Training Series is comprehensive and wide ranging to develop individual strengths and potential through work style development, work operations development and special skills development. To create synergistic learning impact, Master Class integrates First Line Staff, Secretary, Supervisory, Executive and Managers with similar learning process.

The series focuses on Performance, Productivity, Strategic Thinking, Culturing, Change Management, Continuous Improvement, Knowledge Management, and Leadership Development.

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